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Robin Sperling stands out as the perfect English gentleman abroad.  But there is more to him than meets the eye, for Robin Sperling is an artist whose star is on the rise and who has chosen to live in the Hungarian puszta not far from the capital Budapest.  What attracted him to these vast plains that form the beginning of the great Eurasian steppes he explains to Londonrevue: ‘A principle in painting is to venture into the empty space of your canvas and see what you will discover. Hungary to me literally gives that sense too.’


The contradiction of his quest for emptiness as well as filling the space reflects in Sperling ‘s art which oscillates between picture and sculpture.  His use of raw and natural material such as claythat dries and cracks, gives perspective and depth, autumn colours of yellow and brownpaired with the more vibrant colours of gilt or a striking emerald green are mesmerising and impressively archaic.


From his days at St. Martin ‘s School of Art in London his career has led him through a string of exhibitions in Europe and the United States, many of them in London and most recently in Budapest.  His work has also drawn the attention of the Saatchi Gallery who asked to include it in their ‘populist’ site.  (Text by Reya von Galen for LondonRevue)

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